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VTU Affiliated, AICTE Approved, Accredited by NBA(CSE,ISE,ECE,ME,CV,AE)& NAAC With A+ grade, Gold rated by QS I-Gauge
Chickballapur,-562101 Karnataka, India
||Jai Sri Gurudev ||
Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust(R.)


VTU Affiliated, AICTE Approved, Accredited by NBA(CSE,ISE,ECE,ME,CV,AE) & NAAC with A+ grade, Gold rated by QS I-Gauge
Chickballapur- 562101 Karnataka, India
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BGSKH Education Trust[R.]

Balagangadharanatha Swamiji Kengal Hanumanthaiah Education Trust

A charitable Trust created on 12.04.1979, A unit of Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust [R]

“Overview of Vibration and Control Engineering”

A guestlecture on “Overview of vibration and Control Engineering” was deliveredby

Mr. Sathyavrath. S.N. Who is a Senior Verification Engineer of Mechatronics at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development MRDI, Bangalore on 7th of May 2022 between 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The event started with welcome address by Dr. Nagesh D. R. Assistant Professor, Department of Aeronautical Engineering,S J C Institute of technology and brief introduction by Dr. Deepa M. S Head of Department of Aeronautical Engineering,SJC Institute of Technology at ISE Seminar hall.

Lecture on Overview of Vibrational Analysis included the importance of vibrational analysis inAeronautical industry and related all his experience in the Automobile industry with aeronautical industry.Lecture was started with the purpose for studying Aeronautical Engineering and scope of an AeronauticalEngineer inAutomobileIndustry.TheAerodynamicsofthecarandthevibrationalpartofthecarcanbeeasilyunderstood and implemented by Aeronautical Engineers. He then continued by explaining how exactly the industry is distributed into 4stages,i.e Tier3 (Rawand semi Raw Materials) ,Tier2 (Non-Automotive Grade Parts), Tier1(Automotive parts and Systems) and then OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Introduction for the vibrations in Automobile was started with the vibrational parts and componentsoftheLandinggearandhoweachproductisfurtherClassifiedintoSystemsandComponentswhichwasthenfollowed by the Analogy of Simple model and vibrational parameters using a simple Spring mass damping system which was very briefly explained with the help of a animation video, and a Plot drawn using a basic tool in MATLAB which gave the perfect outputs as per the textbook.

Further he also explained the Application of Computation to MBD and how to tackle the mall together by doing a vibrational analysis in ANSYS. Further continued by explaining how the testing is been done in real world and compared it with the industrial testing which included all those tests that are done in order to check the vibrational analysis which included DOE-Design of Experiments, Durability testing, Reliability testing, Functional testing and then briefly explained about the functional testing using landing gear as the primary example.

Next the session was further continued with as short Q&A Session and few Questions were popped from the students which were been answered in a very calm and easiest way by Mr.Sathyavrath.S.N .where in he explained why tools and which tools are important in the industry even though if it is an excel sheet software used in simulating automobile parts.

After the short Q&A session sir continued the lecture on Control system where in he covered what is a control system?, Why Control system? And how can I control a System? Gave a brief introduction to all those sensors which are currently in use in the market like Weight detection,Rideheight sensors,tire pressure monitoring sensors and Read profile sensors further he added what are the benefits of control systems and how it is dealt within the industry and also explained the other practical benefits of the control sin your system. And finally concluded with overview and importance of vibration and control in the today’s on going industry.

Guest lecture program concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Nagesh D, Assistant Professor,Department of Aeronautical Engineering, SJC Institute of Technology.


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